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2020-02-22 13:42 The variable, which is initialized to 0, is set to 1 when the MERGE statement processes the last observation. If the input data sets have different numbers of observations, the END variable is set to 1 when MERGE processes the last observation from all data sets. Tip: The END variable is not added to any SAS data set that is being created.

variables are key variables that EXACTLY identi to whom or what the record belongs. BY variables must be chosen and controlled carefi, dlyto have a successfid merge. Programmers have been know to spend hours trying to figure out what was wrong with their SAS code, only to find out that they had faulty BY variables. merge sas different variable names

BY to name the common variable(s) to be used for matching The data sets being merged in the example above contain different data on the same cases and the variable ID is a unique identifier (no duplicates). signal to SAS on the MERGE statement that you need the IN variables

In a MERGE, you don't need to rename ahead of time. You can do it on the fly, as you merge: data Match NoMatch; Merge Dataset1 Dataset2 by ACCOUNTNUMBER; if ina and inb then output Match; else output NoMatch; run; If both variables are character, make sure they have the same length. merge sas different variable names

Solved: Hello all, I'm trying to merge multiple variables with the same name. Instead of writing it out, I would like to find a shortcut if possible. Combining SAS Data Sets: Methods. Concatenating: specifies a onelevel name, a twolevel name, or one of the special SAS data set names. variable. Using a onetoone merge to combine data sets with different values of common variables can also produce undesirable results. If a variable exists in more than one data set, the value from How to Merge Two Datasets with Different Variables, but ResponseIDs in Different Orders Solved Reply. Topic Options. they have different variables (the second dataset was recently generated with a new and different set of variables). Just a quick note on how SAS handles variables that have the same name, the get overwritten by the last merge sas different variable names Automatically Renaming Common Variables Before Merging Christopher J. Bost, MDRC, New York, NY ABSTRACT SAS merges observations based on values of a common BY variable. If there are additional common variables, SAS saves only the last values encountered. This paper shows how to automatically rename common variables length of 10 for the variable Name, so SAS will pick up the characteristics of the variable Name from the GIRLS dataset. However, it is probably safer to specify a length here, too, so that the lengths of the character variables will match when combining the data. data allkids2; set girls boys; run; title printout of allkids2 data set ; Solved: I would like to merge these two tables. Both tables have the exact same variable names. Is there any way to append a string to the front of SAS Programming Programming Merge of two tables with same column names; Is there any way to append a string to the front of each variable name? Like having all variables coming from You can matchmerge data sets that contain the same variables (variables with the same name) by using the RENAME data set option, just as you would when performing a onetoone merge (see Performing a OnetoOne Merge on Data Sets with the Same Variables).

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