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I have problems entering a system of differential equations to Maple 13. Equations are: x' 4x 2y y' 5x 4y Solve for x 0, y 0 Thank you in advance differential equation system maple

Maple Systems of Dierential Equations This section examines systems of dierential equations with Maple providing basic line commands to solve and geometrically interpret this type of problem. More specically, we examine the basic commands to manage the GreenhouseRockbed Model from the lecture notes given by the linear system of

ODEordinary differential equation, or a set or list of ODEs. y(x)any indeterminate function of one variable, or a set or list of them, representing the unknowns of the ODE problem differential equation system maple

Description. Solve a system of ordinary differential equations (ODEs). Enter a system of ODEs. Solve the system of ODEs. Alternatively, you can use the ODE Analyzer assistant, a pointandclick interface. There are two ways to launch the assistant. From the Tools How can I plot differential equations in Maple? You can use the 'typenumeric' option with the 'dsolve' routine to generate a numerical approximation to the solution of a system of ordinary differential equations. MAPLE: Solving Differential Equations. de: diff(y(x), x2) 4diff(y(x), x) 13y(x) cos(3x); Note: When defining a differential equation, include the independent variable; for example, enter diff( y(x), x2 ), not diff( y, x2 ). differential equation system maple # Let's find the numerical solution to the pendulum equations. # Suppose that y(0) 0 and y'(0) 1. sol: dsolve( pend, y(0) 0, D(y)(0) 1, y(x), typenumeric); sol: proc(rkf45x) end# Note that the solution is returned as a procedure rkf45x, displayed in abbreviated form.

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