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2020-02-26 00:48 Front or Rear Differential for the HPI 112 Savage XS Flux 4WD (Model ) HPI Savage4. 6 5. 9 HPI# # Upgrade Aluminum Throttle Bellcrank

Fits all Savage monster truck models. This gear set is now the standard diff gear for the Savage Flux HP! The Machined Bulletproof Diff Bevel Gear 29T9T Set is the latest and strongest version of the Savage monster truck bevel gears. It is stronger than these previous bevel gear options: # MACHINED SUPER HEAVY DUTY BEVEL GEAR 43T 13T SET savage flux hp diff upgrade

Feb 10, 2019 HPI Savage Forum is the best known HPI Savage Forum. Meet new friends, get advice and share your Savage knowledge. Menu. Forums. Discuss the HPI Savage Flux, brushless monster truck. Threads 255 Messages 2. 9K. Threads 255 Messages 2. 9K. Wanting to upgrade my throttle and steering servo. Jan 22, 2019;

Home HPI Savage Flux HPI Savage Flux Aftermarket Parts TCS Crawlers 4mm Bolt Upgrade for Integy Rear Hub Carrier (T6979) HPI Savage Flux HP 2350 TCS Crawlers Savage Flux battery box strap Also used for The Stick Battery Hold Down Strap (8 ) savage flux hp diff upgrade

Center Differential Conversion Kit for HPI Savage FLUX HP models, designed by ALZARacing. Machined from high quality aluminium. Fits on all Savage FLUX HP models that use original FLUX front dogbone. For mounting it uses original holes on FLUX chassis. Motors from 3649mm can be used. Nov 10, 2018 rc4me center diff Super 5SC transmission in my HPI Savage Flux HP Well, I got the rc4me center diff trans. On my bench, I'm not sure how other guys have installed it. Hopup Parts for HPI Savage, RS4, Baja 5B, 5T, Wheely King, Hellfire& Firestorm Aluminum alloy billet machined hopup parts for HPI SavageX (25, 21, SS, 4. 6) Lowest Price Highest Price Most Popular Part Number Product Name savage flux hp diff upgrade Jul 29, 2012 Re: Savage Flux HP Diff Upgrade? It's tough as nails, had a little issue with the Diff cups not sticking out far enough, so the drive shafts were chewing up the drive cups. Instead of trying to call Fast Lane Machine about the issue, I decided to stick a 14 of fuel line in the diff cups to push the drive shafts towards the Drive cups. Amazon. com: hpi savage flux hp. HPI Savage XS Flux Mini DIFFERENTIAL& GEAR BOX FrontRear Diff Ring Bevel SS by HPI Racing. by HPI Racing. 27. 48 27 48. 18 HPI SAVAGE FLUX HP XL Upgrade Harden Steel Driveshafts 15mm HPI Alloy Diff Case Savage X 4. 6 XL Flux HP 2350 Super 5SC See more like this 18 HPI SAVAGE FLUX HP XL Upgrade Harden Steel Super Heavy Duty Diff Shaft Brand New May 23, 2018 Monster Trucks Savage flux center diff Who's installed a center diff in there savage and how have they done it? Tired of the stock slipper clutch and that's one of the most suggested upgrades to Jump on (right behind the Integy rear hub adapters, lol). The Savage will behave differently under power, and of course, you can tune that CD

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