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2020-02-22 10:13 Staff upgrade step 3) Match the dials with the color of the staff you're upgrading with the switches on the staff place and shoot the ball with your staff color with the staff itself. Staff upgrade Step 4) go into the crazy place through any portal and place your staff in it's corresponding holder and kill zombies anywhere in the crazy place. Once you get enough kills, your staff should glow red in the staff parts area (press

Discussion Lightning Staff Upgrade Reset (self. CODZombies) submitted 1 year ago by Schlupppppp I've searched a fair bit and haven't found an answer that worked but basically when trying to upgrade the lightning staff, I missed one of the piano keys and hit another, making me do it wrong. upgrade lightning staff ps3

Sep 01, 2013 How to Upgrade the Staff of Lightning in Origins Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, Zombies. There are a total of seven steps needed to upgrade this weapon. This guide covers steps three and four, since the other steps are the same for each staff. You can read the details of the other steps in the Guide for Upgrading the Staves in Origins.

For Final Fantasy XIII on the PlayStation 3, Equipment Upgrade Guide by Drogan13. upgrade lightning staff ps3

I know Origins in its current state is repulsively glitchy (crashing a frequent issue), but during the piano step for the lightning staff upgrade, does anyone else have trouble resetting it? I move away from it after hitting three notes (regardless of whether it is correct or not), leave the crazy place and have shot other notes but the electrical effects and noise remains. The Lightning Staff shoots bolts of lightning when fired, and similarly to the Wunderwaffe, will chain and kill multiple zombies. Once the Lightning Staff is upgraded to the Kimat's Bite, it shoots a bigger slower moving bolt of lightning, which will chain more zombies than its previous version. Cod Bo2 Origins Upgrade Lightning Staff. Jun 25, 2017 upgrade ice staff, cod black ops 2 origins upgrade ice staff, cod bo2 origins lightning staff, how to (bo2 zombies) call of duty: black ops ii; . upgrade lightning staff ps3 Mar 22, 2010 [HUGE GUIDE Weapon Upgrading and Weapon Analysis OneStop Guide. Particle Accelerators are best for upgrading accessories and tier 1 weapons, as accessories require less EXP to max out than weapons; Ultracompact Reactors will almost always go to waste on accessories. Here's the exact process: 1. May 01, 2014 This is a guide on how to upgrade the lighting staff. Step 1: First build the lightning staff and go into the crazy place. You will see a grid with purple notes on it. You must shoot the notes in the correct order to advance. With the picture below you must shoot the notes, 6, 1, 3, 3, 5, 7, 4, 6, 2. You should the. Get a audio cue. Aug 04, 2014 When the lightning staff is upgraded it becomes the Kimat's bite. The lightning staff is one of four elemental staffs in the cod black ops 2 apocalypse dlc zombie map origins. ok too kill time on this easy upgrade. Simply Turn the Panels along the way so when u finish the notes, you will recieve 2 sounds in one you have completed staff in one step. The Panel step can begin as soon as you start the game before you even have the staff. So once you complete the crazy place step 1 you can go right to step 3.

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