Difference between protect workbook for structure and windows

2020-02-24 18:29 Additionally, in Excel for Windows, the Protect Workbook option in the Info menu also indicates that the workbook's structure is protected. To view this option, click File Info Protect Workbook.

Differences between Protect workbook for structure and windows. Prevent workbook for structure: This can prevent users from adding, deleting, moving, renaming, hiding or displaying hidden sheets in the Excel workbook. Prevent workbook for windows: This can prevent users from changing the size or position of the window you set up to display the workbook, and from splitting worksheet windows. difference between protect workbook for structure and windows

To protect workbook structure, you need to go to the Protect Structure and Window dialog. 1. Open the Protect Structure and Window dialog. And there are two ways to open it: Click File Info Protect Workbook Protect Workbook Structure. See screenshot: Click Review Protect Workbook.

You can protect the structure and windows in a workbook. (Optional) If you want to protect any windows that you set up, select the Windows check box. When selected, this setting keeps the workbook windows in the same size and position each time you open the workbook. difference between protect workbook for structure and windows

Part 1: Protect Workbook Structure and Windows. 2. On following Protect Structure and Windows dialog, there are two selections available for you, Structure and Windows. Check that you want to protect, and enter a password then click OK. 3. Reenter the password and click OK to make sure workbook protection. Nov 07, 2005 I need to know what the purpose of Protect Workbook is under Tools Protection. It gives 2 options, protect workbook for Structure and Windows. I understand the options and functionality under Protect Worksheet, and I thought that the Protect Workbook option would do the same for the whole workbook instead of individual worksheets. Changing the size and position of the windows for the workbook when the workbook is opened; Moving, resizing, or closing the windows (Note: Users will be able to hide and unhide windows) 4. To prevent other users from removing workbook protection, in the Password (optional) box, type a password, click OK, and then retype the password to confirm it. difference between protect workbook for structure and windows

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