High grade prostate cancer low psa

2020-02-23 19:30 PSA Levels and Prostate Cancer Staging. including the stage of the cancer, PSA level, grade of the tumor (i. e. , Gleason score), age of the patient, and the patients other health issues

In HighGrade Prostate Cancer, Low PSA Levels May Raise Mortality Risk. Among patients with highgrade prostate cancer, new research has found that very low prostatespecific antigen (PSA) levels may be associated with a higher risk for cancerspecific death. The research, presented in a paper titled Association of very low prostatespecific antigen high grade prostate cancer low psa

Prostate cancer specific mortality was 2. 15 times higher for lowPSA, highgrade patients than others studied by the National Comprehensive Cancer Network. (NCCN) It is possible to have metastatic disease with a lowPSA as with highgrade cancer the prostate my not produce much PSA.

LowPSA, HighGrade Prostate Cancer Especially Lethal. For other men with Gleason 8 to 10 tumors treated with external beam radiation therapy, ADT appeared to increase survival: ADT was associated with 13 decreased risk of death from any cause when PSA values were above 2. 5 ngmL. For lowPSA, highgrade PCa patients, however, the risk of allcause mortality increased by 36 with ADT. high grade prostate cancer low psa

WashingtonIn men with highgrade prostate cancer, outcomes after radical prostatectomy are generally poorest for those with a low preoperative PSA (2. 5 ngmL), say researchers from Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine, Chicago. May 26, 2004 After seven years, they had a prostate biopsy whether they had a high PSA or not. About 3, 000 of these men never had a PSA level of more than 4. 0. Fifteen percent of these men turned out to have prostate cancer. And 15 of these cancers were lifethreatening, highgrade tumors. Low PSA levels may predict aggressive prostate cancer higher mortality risk. Median followup was 38 months. Using a PSA level of 4. 1 to 10 ngmL as a referent, the researchers observed an adjusted HR for diseasespecific mortality of 2. 15 (95 CI, ) among men with a PSA of 2. 5 ngmL or lower high grade prostate cancer low psa How can the answer be improved? PSA (prostate specific antigen) is a protein elevated in the blood in prostate cancer. PSA levels are commonly used to monitor and calculate disease status. An increase in PSA levels is a usually a risk factor associated with disease progression. It has been suggested, however, that men with highgrade disease but a low PSA level may have the

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