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2020-02-25 03:18 Best Tushemisht Specialty Lodging on TripAdvisor: Find 6 traveler reviews, Tushemishti BAR restorant. Show Prices. Lodge. 0 reviews# 7 Best Value of 7 Tushemisht Specialty Lodging. # 7 of 19 specialty lodgings in Pogradec. Risteski. Show Prices. Specialty Inn. 0 reviews. 2. 8 miles from Tushemisht. Ivona Guest House.

Tushemisht is a settlement in the Kor County, in southeastern Albania, located on the shores of Lake Ohrid. It was part of the former Buimas municipality. At the 2015 local government reform it became part of the municipality Pogradec. [2 tushemishti pogradec

Book Tushemishti BAR restorant, Tushemisht on TripAdvisor: See traveler reviews, 10 candid photos, # 1 of 19 Specialty lodging in Pogradec. 2. 4 mi. from. 30. View Hotel. AMENITIES. Free High Speed Internet (WiFi) Free Parking. Breakfast included. Free Internet. Free Parking. Breakfast included. ACCOMMODATION CLASS.

www. Pogradec. info, pamje te mrekullueshme nga Pogradeci, foto nga Driloni, Tushemishti, Lini, Liqeni i Ohrit, Kostume Popullore, Veshje Tradicionale, Albumi tushemishti pogradec

Tushemishti BAR Restorant Tushemisht. Duart e Arta Prane Shesht Ollga, Tushemisht Pogradec, 7301 Bar Pelikan ndodhet prgjat Shtitores 1 Maji, prball Bashkis s qytetit t Pogradecit. Aug 28, 2010  Viste del lago ohrit dall'hotel millenium. Hotel Sirena Pogradec Tushemisht Tushemishti BAR Restorant Tushemisht. Duart e Arta Prane Shesht Ollga, Tushemisht. Vila Dante Tushemisht. Restorant Piceri Dante Rruga Tushemisht, Km 4, Prane Parkut te tushemishti pogradec Tushemishti sht fshati turistik 5 km larg qytetit t Pogradecit. Prve vlerave q i ka falur natyra Tushemishti u b i njohur pas xhirimeve t filmit Zonja nga Qyteti. Rrugica e fshatit sht e njt me at t rreth 40 viteve m par, qendra po ashtu. Millenium Hotel in Tushemisht, Pogradec, Albania, welcomes you. The description and the prices of Millenium Hotel POGRADEC City guide Drilon& Tushemisht Drilon and Tushemisht are the most beautiful tourist centers in Albania, situated 4 km from Pogradec, across the Ohrid Lake. The paths, bridges, swans, ducks and doves increase the splendor of this dreamy scene. Oct 21, 2014 Njerzit Klea Mhilli Tushemishti i teto Ollgs nga Agim Pipa Duration: 23: 17. Report TV 15, 584 views. PJESA E TRETE Fshati turistik LIN POGRADEC Duration: 17: 40.

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