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Fixtures and squads for round four of Sydney's First Grade cricket. Sydney First Grade cricket: Teams and fixtures for round four. Skip to sections NSW; Politics Show subsections. nsw grade cricket fixtures

Fixture Last updated: 7 Jan 19 9: 52AM (local time) Match status (MS) Matches in red have been copied from another grade as part of a regrading process. In this case the match will link to the original grade. Affiliates; Cricket New South Wales; Cricket Australia;

Matches in red have been copied from another grade as part of a regrading process. In this case the match will link to the original grade. nsw grade cricket fixtures

GREEN SHIELD JUNIORS PROGRAM REGISTRATION FOR 2O1920 Registrations to trial for the Northern District Cricket Club's Junior Programs for season Read more CLUB EVENTS: PRESENTATION NIGHT Friday, 5th April 2019! 6th February 2019 NSW Premier Cricket today named the players selected in the AW Green Shield Merit XII. Teenagers star in Premier Cricket. David Gavin New South Wales Under 19 representatives, Rupert David Gavin Opening batsman Henry Hunt has equalled the fastest century in Sydney First Grade cricket on Sunday in the Kingsgrove Our association covers from Punchbowl in the west to Tempe in the east and from Clemton ParkRoselands in the south to BalmainConcord West in the north. We have individual age groups in juniors starting from U9 up to U16. U9 to U16 play Saturday mornings. We also have combined with the Wests Grade Club to put in a side in the new Sydney Rivers U14 girls cricket competition and CricHit nsw grade cricket fixtures Round 11 Wrap. Round 11 Wrap Penrith Vs UNSW Metro Cup Vs North West First Grade First grade hosted the 4 th placed University of New South Wales side at Howell Oval Read more Live scores, fixtures, results and stats for Australian domestic, grassroots and school cricket. Fixture Last updated: 4 Dec 18 2: 55PM (local time) Match status (MS) Matches in red have been copied from another grade as part of a regrading process. In this case the match will link to the original grade. Affiliates; Cricket New South Wales; Cricket Australia; Cricket NSW is a member association of Cricket Australia the national governing body for the game in Australia.

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