Partizan belgrade vs besiktas 0-4

2020-02-22 14:37 Aug 23, 2018 Partizan Belgrade vs Besiktas: Head to head Stats Partizan have hosted Besiktas once before, in 2014. It was a Europa League group stage match, which Besiktas won 04(! ).

Europa League match Partizan vs Besiktas (23 Oct 2014). Partizan 0 4 Besiktas FT Partizan Belgrade 0, Besiktas 2. Demba Ba (Besiktas) left footed shot from the left side of the box to the partizan belgrade vs besiktas 0-4


Partizan vs Besiktas will take place at the Partizan Stadium in Belgrade. (Photo by Pedja Images) Two legs of black and white await partizan belgrade vs besiktas 0-4

Get statistics for the Partizan Belgrade vs. Besiktas UEFA Europa League, Playoffs football match. Find Partizan Belgrade vs Besiktas result on Yahoo Sports. View full match commentary including video highlights, news, team lineups, player ratings, stats and more. Menu Live score for game: Besiktas vs Partizan Belgrade (Europa League ). Live result for this game, lineups, actual table and statistics partizan belgrade vs besiktas 0-4 Find Partizan Belgrade vs Besiktas result on Yahoo Sports. View full match commentary including video highlights, news, team lineups, player ratings, stats and more. Home

Video Partizan belgrade vs besiktas 0-4

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