2k2 intimidator upgrades

2020-02-17 10:42 Using a stock 2K2 is no longer able to keep up with todays guns but with these upgrades it is still throwing ropes and works fantastically. Requires minimum maintenance, just some lube on the LPR every so often and make sure the ram is clean and lubed every few cases or so. This gun has a very comfortable feel to it as well.

Bob Long Intimidator 2k2 Frame Gloss BlackBlue Fade. Details: Factory gloss black to blue Bob Long 2k2 Intimidator frame Membrane pad and window intact Clamshell screws included Will need accent panels and membrane pad buttons Good Condition 2k2 intimidator upgrades

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Upgrades for all Bob Long Paintball Guns. Intimidator, Vice, Defiant, Marq, and many more. Get Your bob long bolts, triggers, feed necks, and ASAs. All bob long 2k2 intimidator upgrades

Sep 11, 2007  Recommended Intimidator Upgrades This is intended to serve as a guide for new Intimidator Owners who feel the urge to tinker or upgrade their marker right out of the box. We've all been there, we buy a new marker and immediately want to start putting new items on Bob Long Paintball Gun Upgrades. Apparel at ActionVillage. com. Clothing, shoes, tshirts, sweatshirts, pants, shorts, hats, watches and more at ActionVillage. com. Largest selection of skateboar Shocktech Supafly Intimidator Bolt BlackSilver Our Price: 59. 95. Sale Price: 14. 95. Savings: 45. 00. Shocktech Supafly Intimidator Bolt Mar 01, 2013 Price: 325 ArmoryPaintball. com presents a gorgeous factory fade Bob Long 2002 Dragon intimidator. The gun features a Wicked Air Sports (WAS) equalizer v2. 6 2k2 intimidator upgrades This Evil Intimidator delrin bolt is a performance upgrade that will greatly enhance your marker. The Delrin makes for a nearly frictionless motion that will help your Intimidator perform the best it can. Works on the following models: 2K2, Lasoya, GZ, ECX, Dragon, Classic, and Storm Intimidators

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