Difference between cerebral contusion and concussion

2020-02-25 02:07 Mar 05, 2015 A contusion differs from a concussion because while a concussion may cause brain injury it does not cause significant bleeding. What is the difference between a hematoma and a hemorrhage? What is the difference between a contusion and a bruise? KyunSeop Bae, MD PhD.

A: The difference between a contusion and a concussion is that a concussion causes the brain to bounce hard enough to hit the skull while a contusion is bruise on the brain that might lead to swelling. Both are traumatic brain injury can lead to other problems depending on difference between cerebral contusion and concussion

1. Type of Injury. The key difference between a concussion and a contusion is the type of injury that the brain sustains. With a concussion the injury comes from the movement of the brain but not physical damage is done. With a contusion bleeding in the brain that causes a bruise occurs.

A concussion is a transient period of unconsciousness following a violent blow to the head whereas a contusion is an extravasation of blood beneath the skin or within the viscera. A concussion is usually secondary to a generalized injury to the brain, but contusions are localized lesions most of the time. difference between cerebral contusion and concussion

There is a difference between a concussion and a TBI: mild traumatic brain injury. First of all, a concussion isnt as bad as a mild traumatic brain injury. How can the answer be improved? Concussions are one of the most wellknown types of TBIs, especially when discussing sports injuries. Like a contusion, concussions are a form of TBI. However, a concussion often affects a much larger area of the brain. Many people who suffer from concussions lose consciousness at the time of injury. difference between cerebral contusion and concussion of brain injury are contusion and concussion, butcontrary to popular. beliefone is not just a worse version of the other. For a problem as pervasive as traumatic brain injury one would think that the different forms it can take. would be widely known and understood. The Relationship Between Contusions and Concussions. A concussion is a widerreaching injury due to broad scale brain trauma. It's analogous to a sprain or broken bone in that it is not microscopic and affects more regions of the brain. Download our Simplified Guide to Understanding a Brain Injury for more details on the anatomy of injuries to the brain.

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