Difference between bill and ordinance

2020-02-25 03:47 Nov 18, 2017 BILL predecessor to an Act; a document that is presented in a legislature for discussion and voting. ACTonce the Bill is passed by the legislature, it is presented to the President or the

Jul 23, 2008 The government promulgates an ordinance when the parliament in session depending on the urgency of the issue. It is an administrative decision of the government. Once the bill placed before the parliament or the ordinance is passed by the parliament it becomes a Law or act. Period of the ordinance is limited depending upon the country. difference between bill and ordinance

Dec 23, 2007  Best Answer: An Act is a bill that was presented in a State legislative homeParliament of India, passed by both the houses of the State legislature or Parliament, sent for accent of the State Governor or the President of India, and then it becomes an

DIFFERENCES BETWEEN ORDINANCE, BILL, LAW AND ACT BILL A 'bill ' can be considered as initial stage of an act. Bill is a proposal to make a new law. Usually, bill is in the form of a document difference between bill and ordinance

The difference between act and ordinance is easy to understand once you find out which legislative bodies create which. Law is the common term for legislation and is easily understood by common people. Apr 19, 2018 In India, what are the differences between ordinance, bill, law and act? Update Cancel. What are the differences between a bill, act, ordinance, and law? The biggest difference between an Act and an Ordinance is that an Act as no expiration date, while an Ordinance is valid till the date mentioned in the Ordinance itself. Apr 02, 2010  Best Answer: A Bill is the Draft of the proposed legislation. During the process of legislation, until approval by the Head of State, it remains a BIll, even if passed by the legislature concerned. That is why like the name of an act, it is also written with capital 'b Something like Right to difference between bill and ordinance Key Difference between Act and Ordinance in Pakistan Definition: Act is a bill or a law passed through from Various legislative steps, which declares, Commands, and prescribes something

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