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2020-02-26 16:05 Convert your myki pass to myki money. Convert your myki pass to myki money when you no longer wish to travel on your myki pass, but want to continue using your myki. You can then use the new myki money credit to travel, or you can use it to buy another myki pass for a different zone or time period. You can convert an unused myki pass OR a partially used myki pass to myki money.

Jul 22, 2010 myki pass or myki money Loading Unsubscribe from Using MYKI Duration: 3: 03. Internash Melbourne Vibe 17, 035 views. difference between myki money myki pass

2 hour myki money fare between where a customer boards and the zone at the end of the service. Cell All zones between and including the zone where the customer touches on and the zone at

a Myki Pass for part of their journey and sufficient Myki Money to pay for any remaining part of the journey. VLine Myki Pass users may travel to a destination beyond the Myki ticket area by purchasing a paper ticket extending their journey. However Myki Money users cannot use such a hybrid ticket. difference between myki money myki pass

MYKI pass or MYKI money. Myki money is the better option for irregular travellers, work on 7 per weekday within zone 1 (015 kms from Melbourne) and 12 per day if you go into zone 2, and 3. 50 on Weekends (zones 1& 2), these will cover you for all day travel trains, trams& buses. here's a link to a map of Melbourne's trains, on the map zone 1 is blue, zone 2 yellow. myki pass is like a monthly or yearly ticket, but it has more options. You decide which zone(s) you will travel in and how many days you want to travel for, seven days or anywhere between 28 and 365. myki money basically means payasyougo. MYKI Pass is ideal for those who travel often, with MYKI Pass you can travel unlimited for the amount of days you purchase (from 7 days, 28 days and 365 days). The cost of a 28 day pass is 145. 04 (as at February 2018) and if you travel at least 5 days per week the MYKI pass works out a lot cheaper at 5. 18 AUD per day over 28 days, where as MYKI Money costs up to 8. 60 AUD per return trip. difference between myki money myki pass If you travel occasionally, pay as you go with myki Money. Load money onto your card and myki will calculate the lowest fare based on where you travel. If you travel often, buy consecutive days with a myki Pass. Choose where youll be travelling and how many days you need. You can buy a myki Pass for 7 days or anywhere between 28 and 365 days. The main difference between the two is that the visitor card comes preloaded with 8 of Myki money, which would cover your first day's travel (assuming you make more than two trips more than two hours apart) and offers a range of discounts for various tourist sites you may or may not wish to visit.

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