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2020-02-22 12:59 In nuclear fission, a very heavy nucleus will split (fission) into 2 or 3 parts. This is highly unlikely in anything lighter than thorium. The fission could be natural (the nucleus was unstable to start) or induced by particle bombardment. Natural fission of uranium235

Key Difference: Both are nuclear processes by which atoms are changed to produce energy. The difference between nuclear fission and nuclear fusion is that a heavy nucleus splits into two small nuclei in nuclear fission while two heavy nuclei combine to form a heavy nucleus in nuclear fusion difference entre fission fusion nucleaire

Both fission and fusion are nuclear processes by which atoms are altered to create energy, but what is the difference between the two? Simply put, fission is the division of one atom into two, and fusion is the combination of two lighter atoms into a larger one.

Quelle est la diffrence entre la fusion et la fission? La fission consiste projeter un neutron sur un atome lourd instable (uranium 235 ou plutonium 239). Ce dernier clate alors en 2 atomes plus lgers. Cela produit de lnergie, des rayonnements radioactifs et 2 ou 3 neutrons capables leur tour de provoquer une fission. difference entre fission fusion nucleaire

L'nergie de liaison est diffrente pour chaque noyau: on peut la rcuprer par fission ou fusion. Fusion: Sur le graphe prcdent, on voit que l'nergie de liaison augmente avec le nombre de nuclon jusqu un nombre de nuclon de 50 qui correspond au Fer. So that is the difference fusion is fusing of atoms and fission is breaking of atoms into smaller ones. Fission takes place in atoms with large Atomic no. (Z) and fusion in atoms with very low atomic no. at high pressure. Both releases heat due to attain the right point of stability. La fusion nuclaire est plus difficile raliser que la fission car ici, il faut rapprocher des atomes si prs l'un de l'autre qu'ils vont se coller. Pour cela, il est ncessaire de porter difference entre fission fusion nucleaire La fission, contrairement la fusion, consiste bombarder de neutrons un atome duranium 235 afin de casser son noyau. Cette rupture provoque une libration importante d'nergie. Le principal avantage de la fusion sur la fission est certainement le dgagement nergtique produit. La fission et la fusion nuclaires sont des ractions librant des quantits importantes dnergie, entre autres sous forme de chaleur que lon peut notamment exploiter pour produire de llectricit.

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