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2020-02-20 01:22 The Mascara Wand You Should Be Using, According to Your Lash Type. by Hallie Gould. Pinterest Photo: Ellie Benuska. Achieving big, thick lashes la Kim Kardashian West is arguably my main goal in life. You can scoff if you'd like, but it's true. I'm obsessed with all things doeeyed, inky black, and fluttery.

Most mascara wands are designed to optimize the top lashes, so theyre too bulky to apply mascara properly to tiny bottom lashes. Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara has one of the smallest wands in the industry and is specially designed to precisely tint even the smallest lash without clumping or smearing. mascara wands difference

All mascaras have almost the same formulation so what is that makes one different from the other? Its all about the mascara wands. Shape of the mascara wand totally affects the shape and size of ones lashes. Here is an explanation for different types of mascara wands which will help you choose the right mascara for you:

SShaped Wands. If layers upon layers of mascara are your thing, seek out an Sshaped wand like the brush on Buxom's Sculpted Lash Mascara (19; sephora. com ). They're best for clumpfree application, as you can apply multiple coats without having your lashes look chunky, Sprinkle tells us. mascara wands difference

The newest trend in brush designs features wands tipped with a ball of extra long bristles for coating every last lash. Benefit They're Real Mascara (22) and It Cosmetics Hello Lashes! Mascara (29) may be the first of many more tips like this. Thick mascara wands tend to be made with synthetic fibers that help to plump up your lashes and give them a ton of volume. Be warned: This wand tends to be tricky to use if you have shorter lashes. 3. Comb. Out of all the mascara wands, the combshaped ones are my favorite. If youve always wondered if the type of mascara wand you use is important, this experiment is for you! I coerced my assistant Carissa to model again and to make sure that the only variable was the wand, we used the same formula mascara (LOreal Telescopic) with each wand, did exactly two coats of each and completely took it off in between applications. mascara wands difference Curved: If your lashes tend to stick straight out or down, use a curved mascara wand. Curved brushes are made with your natural eye shape in mind, and will open up your lashes and wing them out. Curved brushes are made with your natural eye shape in mind, and will open up your lashes and wing them out. Mascara wands can be curved, thin, thick, flexible, ball and even vibrating (yes, you read that right). Each and every one of those kinds of mascara wands are especially made and designed for a specific eyelash issue. Each mascara wand type is unique and is custom made for certain type of lashes.

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