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2020-02-26 16:24 Romberg Test. Printer Friendly. Ask the patient to stand with their feet together (touching each other). Then ask the patient to close their eyes. Remain close at hand in case the patient begins to sway or fall.

What is the Romberg Test? The Romberg Test is a neurological test which detects poor balance because of deficits in proprioception. I had demonstrated a positive Romberg sign. positive romberg differential

Apr 22, 2009 Results. One or other form of the Romberg test was abnormal in 38 (76) cases. The traditional Romberg test was found to be positive in 17 (34) cases, while the walking Romberg sign was positive in 37 (74. 5) patients (see Table 2 ). Both walking and traditional Romberg tests were positive in 16 patients.

Differential diagnoses, possible causes and diseases for Nystagmus, Positive Romberg Sign, Vertigo listed by probability for chosen subpopulation according to the database at Symptoma, the medical search engine for diseases. positive romberg differential

N. Neurosyphilis tabes dorsalis positive Romberg's sign. S. Sensory ataxiaRomberg's sign. Join in at the forums. Ask or answer a question about symptoms or A positive Romberg test indicates ataxia from dorsal column disease and impaired proprioception. Normally, vision will compensate for the sensory loss. Cerebellar and vestibular disease is indicated if patient cannot stand with their feet together regardless if their eyes are open or closed. Differential Diagnosis for Vertigo. Modified Romberg Test. Standing balance evaluates vestibular function (Lippincott, Williams& Wilkins, 2012). The test is positive if the patient is unsteady or sways only with eyes closed (Lippincott, Williams& Wilkins, 2012). positive romberg differential Romberg's sign is positive if the patient requires vision to stand steadily. The patient is asked to stand with the feet together. If the patient is steady with eyes open but unsteady with eyes closed then there are signs of Rombergism. A positive Romberg sign may indicate a condition called tabes dorsalis, myelopethies of multiple causes, sensory neuropathies or other nervous system disorders. A positive Romberg sign can be elicited by performing the Romberg test. Continue Reading. A positive Romberg's sign indicates poor balance due to vertigo, eighth cranial nerve (CN VIII) damage, brainstem damage, or cerebellar ataxia (e. g. , due to multiple sclerosis). Romberg's sign: Further symptoms. Differential diagnoses Causes and Diseases for Positive Romberg Sign listed by probability for chosen subpopulation according to the database at Symptoma, the medical search engine for diseases. Symptoma is primarily a reminder system for use by medical professionals.

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