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2020-02-22 15:14 Diff'rent Strokes ( ) Episode List. Season: OR In the last completed episode, Arnold discovers a steroid ring operating among athletes at his school and tries to publicize it in the school newspaper. Season 7 Season 8 See also. TV Schedule.

The Drummonds catch a burglar, but when the police arrive everyone recounts a different version of the crime. Burglar: Terry Kiser. Drummond: Conrad Bain. different strokes episode 3

Diff'rent Strokes Trailer. Season 2, Episode 3 Feudin' and Fussin' First Aired: September 28, 1979. The cast of Hello, Larry visits the Drummonds. First of two parts. Meadowlark Lemon: Himself.

Watch Diff'rent Strokes Season 1, Episode 3 Mother's Last Visit: Mr. Drummond's socialite and rather snobbish mother arrives and finds there's a lot she doesn't like about her son's new different strokes episode 3

Diff'rent Strokes season 3 episode guide on TV. com. Watch all 22 Diff'rent Strokes episodes from season 3, view pictures, get episode information and more. Diff'rent Strokes Season 3 TV. com Episode Recap Diff'rent Strokes on TV. com. Watch Diff'rent Strokes episodes, get episode information, recaps and more. Diff'rent Strokes Season 2 Full Episodes Diff'rent Strokes Season 3 Full Episodes Diff'rent Strokes Season 4 Full Episodes Diff'rent Strokes Season 5 Full Episodes Diff'rent Strokes Season 6 Full different strokes episode 3 10 rows The following is a list of episodes of Diff'rent Strokes, an American sitcom that aired on NBC from November 3, 1978, to May 4, 1985, and on ABC from September 27, 1985, to March 7, 1986. This list includes synopses and air dates. Episodes are in air date order. Diff'rent Strokes took place in New York and centered around the happenings in the Drummond household. Philip Drummond was a widower and had a daughter, Kimberly.

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