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2020-02-21 18:10 carp ancestors but around 300 different types of goldfish now exist! Most of these types of fancy goldfish have been selectively bred from the common goldfish, or from other fancy goldfish, to produce fish with a wide variety of body shapes, eye types, fin configurations and colors.

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Fancy Goldfish Types. The panda butterfly resembles the colors of a panda bear, clear sections of black and white. The pearlscale and hama nishiki have a golf ball body shape with scales that stand out like little white domes the hama nishiki has a slight hood cover on top of

Learn about many Types of Goldfish out there Every Goldfish Keeper should learn about different breeds of goldfish plus How to take care of them properly. Why should you Learn about different Types of Goldfish? Goldfish are delicate fish. They are not aggressive towards other fish nor can defend themselves. different kind of goldfish

Popularly kept as pets, there are different types of goldfish, which vary in color, shape, size, and other physical attributes. Some of the common fancy goldfish types are bubble eye, black moor, comet, fantail, lionhead, oranda, pearlscale, and pompom. PetPonder Staff. Types of Goldfish. To get a better idea of the different types of goldfish, Desktop Goldfish has put together this detailed list. Black Moor. Bubble Eye Goldfish. Celestial Eye Goldfish. Comet Goldfish. Common Goldfish. Fantail Goldfish. Since The Orients first developed goldfish from carp, these fascinating fish have expanded to include a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. Some common goldfish types are even bred to develop special characteristics. Bulging eyes, raspberrylike head growths, eyes that gaze heavenward, different kind of goldfish For management and better presentation of the information, weve bundled the many different types of goldfish into the following 5 groups: Streamlined with a single tail. Streamlined with a double tail. Eggshaped with a dorsal fin. Eggshaped without a dorsal fin. Miscellaneous but still often seen varieties.

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Since The Orients first developed goldfish from carp, these fascinating fish have expanded to include a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. Some common goldfish types are even bred to develop special characteristics. Bulging eyes, raspberrylike head growths, eyes that gaze heavenward,

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