Diy differential probe circuit

2020-02-22 09:53 Mar 31, 2016  DIY Active SubGHz Differential Scope Probe. The circuit in the probe is really just an instrumentation amplifier design with a modified input stage and a 50 ohm output impedance. (See this article on inamps if you need to brush up. ) With higher frequencies like this, its going to be demanding on the opamp,

Jul 27, 2015 High Voltage Differential Probe Design and Build Part 1. Also it must have variable attenuation (110 and 1100 or 150 and 1500) and be powered from a 9 Volt battery this last part is to make sure there isn't going to be any ground loops that can ruin your day and also it makes shielding the whole circuit much easier. diy differential probe circuit

In the first four screenshots the yellow trace is the output of the DIY differential probe, multiplied by 10 by the scope, as connected in the diagram. The last screenshot is the SMA connector being probed directly by another 1: 10 passive probe. The scope is a 50 MHz Rigol DS1052E, with 1M 15pF inputs.

Sep 28, 2014  DIY Active Differential Probe Characterization (Round 2) At high frequencies, the input capacitance of the probe will load down the circuit under test much more than the input resistance, but at 300MHz (close to the measured 3dB point), with an input capacitance of at most 0. 5pF per differential input, this impedance is over 1k, diy differential probe circuit

An almostGHz active differential oscilloscope probe. There are a bunch of DIY probes to be found on the internet but none that seemed to work really well. But then I thought how hard can it be? VS2 and VS3 are the 5V and 5V voltage supplies for the circuit. DC performance in simulation looks good. 3V at the inputs (X axis This circuit uses two LT highfrequency amplifiers to realize a fully differential oscilloscope probe with 100MHz bandwidth and 100kilohm input resistance. The input stage is a modified differential amplifier configuration with 100: 1 attenuation on DIY 1GHz Active Probe for Under 20: So, you're an electronics hobbyist and want a 1GHz active probe, or a professional and tired of blowing your 2000 active probe in sketchy circuits when all you wanted to know are the whereabouts of some RFsignal? Then stay with me! ! This Instruc diy differential probe circuit Daniel Kramnik built an active differential probe and looks like he is seeing about 400MHz usable bandwidth. And really, it looks relatively flat. And really, it looks relatively flat. Not bad for a DIY effort. From the schematic above, we have shown the probe tip, probe connector and oscilloscope circuit diagram. The typical oscilloscope input resistance is 1M ohm with a 12pF capacitance in parallel. We must include these resistor and capacitor into the calculation in order to obtain the correct compensation network calculation. Feb 06, 2013 Re: My first project: Lowcost differential probe. Not bad for a 1st project, but those 500R input protection resistors are going to limit your bandwidth. That AD part has a differential input capacitance of 3pF. That alone (not including strays) with 1k works out to 3dB at a little over 50 MHz. Differential Amplifier Probe: Make, Buy or Both? Why (I think) I Need a Differential Probe After I sold my trusted Fluke 123 ScopeMeter, I lost the ability to connect probes where ever I wanted to, without thinking, or risking damage. One DIY probe with 10x attenuation for

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