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2020-02-23 20:43 Respect for the elderly is common throughout the world, and many believe it is a natural human impulse that has become enshrined in collective wisdom. While different cultures have different ways of showing respect, it is nearly ubiquitous in ancient cultures.

Respect is shown in many different languages by following certain grammatical conventions, especially in referring to individuals. Bowing is generally reserved as a sign of respect for elders and ancestors. When bowing, they place the fist of the right hand in the palm of their left at respect elders different cultures

It is an Indian tradition for youngsters to touch the feet of their elders, which is known as a mark of love, and respect for them, and a request for their blessings. It just goes to show

Different cultures have different attitudes and practices around aging and death, and these cultural perspectives can have a huge effect on our experience of getting older. As in Korea, Chinese families traditionally view filial piety and respect for one's elders as the respect elders different cultures

Dec 31, 2012 How to Accept and Respect Other Cultures. Updated on January 27, 2017. LQWILLIams. children, elders, etc. These include the division of labor, child training, and rites of passage. 3. Hierarchical, respect for authority, different roles for men and women, individuals accept their destinies. Jan 24, 2019 How to Respect Other Cultures. Sometimes it is easy to become consumed with our own beliefs and habits. We can find it challenging to accept other ways of life. If children grow up understanding different cultures, they will be less likely to discriminate as adults. Take time to teach your kids about other cultures. People have been aging since the beginning of time. Although different cultures have separate aging attitudes and traditions, perspectives on aging can be very different across the world. Learn more about how different cultures take care of seniors. Aging in Different respect elders different cultures Societies also vary in how much they respect their old people or dont. In East Asian cultures steeped in a Confucian tradition that places a high value on filial piety, obedience and respect, Diamond said, it is considered utterly despicable not to take care of your elderly parents. A Little ThoughtShowing Respect in Asian Culture. We do not respect our elders, teachers, or really most anyone. I think you know that respect is BIG in our house, but unfortunately you do not see it elsewhere. Love you, cant wait to see you again! xoxo A Little Adrift Jr. November 21, 2012 [ think a lot of the energy comes What Is the Way to Show Respect in a Different Culture? Individuals can show respect to cultures different than their own by educating themselves about the culture's ideals, opening their mind to new ideas and taking part in activities that are meaningful in the people's lives. Those people who take Eastern cultures like China's adhere to the Confucian tradition of filial piety, which prioritizes the family unit and values elders with the utmost respect. But China's rapid industrialization

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