Nondifferential confounder misclassification

2020-02-20 02:53 In casecontrol studies, nondifferential misclassification can happen when exposure status is incorrect for both controls and cases. In cohort studies, it happens when exposure status is incorrect for people with the disease and those without the disease. Example of nondifferential misclassification (from Ahrens& Pigeot):

A nondifferential misclassification will mates [3. reduce the degree to which the confounder can be con In this study, we aimed to describe and investigate the trolled. nondifferential confounder misclassification

For a binary confounder, the independent nondifferential misclassification will cause a bias in the direction of the confounding because the ability to control fully for the confounder has been

This paper addresses potential effects of nondifferential misclassification of polytomous confounders on adjusted exposuredisease associations. Although the degree of confounder nondifferential confounder misclassification

How can the answer be improved? ORIGINAL ARTICLE On the Nondifferential Misclassification of a Binary Confounder Elizabeth L. Ogburna and Tyler J. VanderWeelea, b Abstract: Consider a study with binary exposure, outcome, and confounder, where the confounder is nondifferentially misclassied. Nondifferential misclassification: the probability of misclassification does not vary for the different study groups; is not conditional upon exposure or disease status, but appears random. Using the above example, if half the subjects (cases and controls) were randomly selected to be interviewed by the phone and the other half were interviewed in person, the misclassification would be nondifferential. nondifferential confounder misclassification The results may also be extended to effects conditional on additional covariates X, provided that the misclassification of C is nondifferential with respect to A and Y conditional on X, and that E[YA, C, X x is monotonic in C for each value x in the support of X. Nondifferential misclassification Nondifferential misclassification occurs if there is equal misclassification of exposure between subjects that have or do not have the health outcome or if there is equal misclassification of the health outcome between exposed and unexposed subjects. Consequently, conclusions on the potential effects of nondifferential misclassification of a polytomous confounder in any given study should only be made after careful sensitivity analyses which consider plausible ranges of misclassification rates. Oct 08, 2014 The objectives of this study were to check for possible differential misclassification of confounders in a comparative evaluation of hospital care and to quantify the impact of misclassification on hospitalspecific riskadjusted estimates, with a focus on the appropriateness of CSs.

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