Time difference between afghanistan and uk

2020-02-23 20:32 Edit the World Clock to get the required Timezone and identify the times difference between the countries. Airport Time A Place for the reference of International airports location, date and time.

Current date and time right now in Kabul, Afghanistan and London, United Kingdom. Kabul and London time zones, military time in Kabul and London, Kabul and London maps, Kabul and London coordinates, Kabul and London population. Time difference between Kabul, Afghanistan and London, United Kingdom Afghanistan Kabul coordinates: 3431 time difference between afghanistan and uk

Current Local Time in Kabul, Afghanistan. Holiday Note: Aug 22, Eid alQurban. Businesses may be closed.

The UK is in the GMT time zone. Afghanistan is in the AFT (GMT4. 30) time zone. This means that Afghanistan is 4 hours and 30 minutes ahead of the UK. time difference between afghanistan and uk

Time difference between Afghanistan and UK is: 3: 30 hours. Afghanistan is 3: 30 hours ahead of UK. When it is 9: 00 am in London UK, it is 12: 30 pm in Kabul Afghanistan. Kabul, Afghanistan. Time Difference. Time differences between different time zones are simple to work out as a result of Universal Time Coordinated (UTC). As standard times are shown as positive or negative offsets of UTC, time differences are calculated by establishing UTC, and calculating the times in each zone from there. Time difference between Pakistan and UK is 4 hours. Like, if 6: 00 PM on Tuesday in Pakistan then it would be 2 PM on Tuesday in the UK. Everyone who wants to travel in near future must keep the Time difference between UK and Pakistan and should start his journey accordingly. time difference between afghanistan and uk The time difference between England and Afghanistan, based on their capitals London (Greenwich Mean Time) and Basra is three hours and thirty minutes forward. For example, if it is 16. 51 in London, it will be 20. 21 in Basra. time difference afghanistan uk: know the time difference between Afghanistan and United Kingdom, include the summer time change or winter time applied to each country and zone time. If you live in London, United Kingdom and you want to call a friend in Kabul, Afghanistan, you can try calling them between 3: 30 AM and 7: 30 PM your time. This will be between 7AM 11PM their time, since Kabul, Afghanistan is 3 hours and 30 minutes ahead of London, United Kingdom. Time Here, Time There (Time Zone Converter) Want to see the time in Afghanistan compared with your home? Choose a date and time then click Submit and we'll help you convert it from Afghanistan time to your time zone.

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