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2020-02-25 04:28 The problem with the difference is that the fans do not match the other Noctua case and CPU cooler fans in the 3 builds that I am putting together, as all the other fans were made in Taiwan. The made in China fans have a noticeably louder drone when spinning at the same RPM as the other fans.

Jan 05, 2016 FINALLY you can color match Noctua fans with your PC build thanks to these Noctua Chromax accessories. noctua fans different color

Noctua introduces chromax accessories Vienna, December 2nd 2015 Noctua today officially introduced its chromax line of antivibration parts that give users the option of colourcustomising their fans to match individual build colour schemes.

Dec 27, 2015 Noctua's do have good fans (peformance) and is a large part of the cost of the cooler. A dual fan cooler from noctua likely has 40 worth of fans on it alone if they were bought retail separately. Their color choices are out there and the 'ugly' colors have sort of become iconic. noctua fans different color

Noctua unveils Chromax line of fan color accessories. Austrian CPU cooler manufacturer Noctua has released its line of 'chromax' parts that allow you to colorcustomize your fans. Case modders, take notice. According to Hardware Heaven, the NASAV2 antivibration mounts and NASAVP1 antivibration pads come in red, blue, green, yellow, black, A dual fan cooler from noctua likely has 40 worth of fans on it alone if they were bought retail separately. Their color choices are out there and the 'ugly' colors have sort of become iconic. Noctua Project Redux has begun and their award winning fans are getting a face lift in the color department. At Computex, Noctua has shown off the exclusive new coloring scheme to those that were there and we have the pictures now to show you it. noctua fans different color

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