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2020-02-25 02:53 Persians are Irans largest ethnic group, but nearly a dozen other ethnicities represent well over a third of the 79 million population. The largest ethnic groups, which are major factors in Iranian politics, are Azeris, Kurds, Arabs, Baluchis, and Lors.

Ethnicities in Iran. Other Turkic groups include the Turkmen and Qashqai peoples. Arabs account for about 23 of the Iranian population. The remainder, amounting to about 1 of Iranian population, consists of a variety of minor groups, mainly comprising Assyrians, Armenians, Georgians, Circassians, and Mandaeans. different ethnicities in iran

Ethnic groups. Kurds IndoEuropean IndoIranian Iranian Kurdish Turkey, Iran, Iraq, Syria (see also; Kurdistan ) 3038 million Kurmanjis, Sorans, Zazas, Gorans. There are also significant populations in France and Germany. Portuguese IndoEuropean Romance Portuguese Portugal

5 Massoume Price, Irans Diverse Peoples; A Reference Source Book, ABCCLIOs Ethnic Diversity Within Nations Series, 2005. 6 Sandra Mackey, Iranians: Persia, Islam and the Soul of a Nation, 1996. Iran, with an estimated 70. 5 million people, is ethnically, linguistically, and religiously diverse. different ethnicities in iran

How can the answer be improved? Iran has small pockets of Bahai, Turkmen, Christian, and Jewish communities, but its primary ethnic minorities are: Azeris. Roughly one out of every four Iranians is Azeri, making it Irans largest ethnic minority Kurds. Predominantly Sunni, the Kurds reside mainly in the northwest part The ethnic and religious obstacles to national unity. Time. com. The two traditions have different approaches to religious law and practice, and different notions of religious hierarchy, but both observe the same fundamental tenets of Islam. Although Shiism is the overwhelmingly dominant form of Islam among the Persians of Iran, in most different ethnicities in iran Sep 12, 2017  First notice that there is no a distinct Persians ethnicity in Iran. Instead there are dozens of Iranic ethnicities. These ethnicities have family resemblances, due to common ancestry andor cohabitation for several millennia. Largest Ethnic Groups In Iran Persians. Persians and their culture dominate the Iranian population. Azerbaijani. Azerbaijanis, also known as Azeris, are the second largest ethnic group in Iran, Kurds. Kurds are ranked as the third largest ethnic group in Iran. Lurs. Lurs form the fourth (See TIME's photoessay On the Front Lines in the Battle Against the Taliban. ) For Iran, the hard truth is that ethnic Persians make up only 51 of the population. The rest of the country is a mishmash of ethnic minorities, various religions, Muslim sects and seminomadic tribes. Iranian People& Tribes. Iranian Ethnic Groups. The official language of Iran is Persian (Farsi). Persian is a West Iranian language of the IndoEuropean family of languages and is spoken in those parts of Iran where the Fars people, Persians, dwell, as well as in the Republic of Tajikistan.

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