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2020-02-22 15:48 Types of Bacterial Infections. Bacterial vaginosis is an infection of the vagina which can cause itchiness, discharge, and painful urination. Vibrio vulnificus is a rare, flesheating bacteria that can be found in warm seawater. Heliobacter pylori (H. pylori) is a type of

The Different Types of Streptococci. Anyone can be affected, from babies and small children to older adults. Most strep infections can be treated with antibiotics. Streptococci infections are divided into several groups: Group A streptococcus, Group B streptococcus, different types bacterial infection throat

Tonsilitis This is one of the types of bacterial infections which affects the throat. Cellulitis The skins deepest layer gets infected in this type of bacterial infection. Symptoms may usually appear as a red, painful and inflamed skin rash especially on the legs and face.

The most common one is strep throat, an infection of the throat and tonsils caused by group A Streptococcus bacteria. Strep throat causes nearly 40 percent of sore throat cases in children ( 3 ). different types bacterial infection throat

Summary. Strep is short for Streptococcus, a type of bacteria. There are two types: group A and group B. Strep throat a sore, red throat. Your tonsils may be swollen and have white spots on them. Scarlet fever an illness that follows strep throat. It causes a red rash on the body. Group B strep can cause blood infections, Bacterial and viral infections can cause similar symptoms such as coughing and sneezing, fever, inflammation, vomiting, diarrhea, fatigue, and cramping all of which are ways the immune system tries to rid the body of infectious organisms. Pharyngitis is a type of upper respiratory tract infection. Most cases are caused by a viral infection. Strep throat, a bacterial infection, is the cause in about 25 of children and 10 of adults. Uncommon causes include other bacteria such as gonorrhea, fungus, irritants such as smoke, allergies, and gastroesophageal reflux disease. different types bacterial infection throat There are many types of bacterial infections. Learn about bacterial infections that can make you sick and how to treat them. Most bacteria won't hurt you less than 1 percent of the different types make people sick. Many are helpful. Some bacteria help to digest food, destroy diseasecausing cells, and give the body needed vitamins But harmful types of bacteria can make you feel extremely unwell. Harmful bacteria multiply at lightening speed, and release toxins that can damage tissues considerably. When bacteria make us feel ill, the condition is termed as 'bacterial infection Different types of bacteria can lead to different types of diseases. Treatment of bacterial throat infections. Try gargling with salt water several times a day. Another option is a steam bath in which you inhale the vapours of a nasal decongestant. This can relieve the feeling of stuffy, blocked tubes. Try and give your voice a rest during this time to Feb 01, 2019 What are the Different Types of Throat Bacteria? These 10 facts about space will blow your mind. Top 10 unbelievable historical concurrencies. These 10 animal facts will amaze you. 10 most extreme places on Earth. 10 hilariously insightful foreign words. Top 10 amazing movie makeup

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