What is the difference between race and ethnicity

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Ethnicity and Race Defined. The American Heritage College Dictionary defines ethnicity as ones ethnic character, background or affiliation. The dictionary defines the root word of ethnicityethnicas a sizable group of people sharing a common and distinctive racial, national, religious, linguistic or cultural heritage. The word race, on what is the difference between race and ethnicity

Race& Ethnicity. The U. S. Census Bureau considers race and ethnicity to be two separate and distinct concepts. What is race? The Census Bureau defines race as a persons selfidentification with one or more social groups. An individual can report as White, Black or African American, Asian, American Indian and Alaska Native,

First of all, race is primarily unitary. You can only have one race, while you can claim multiple ethnic affiliations. You can identify ethnically as Irish and Polish, but you have to be essentially either black or white. The fundamental difference is that race is socially imposed and hierarchical. what is the difference between race and ethnicity

Race is associated with biology, whereas ethnicity is associated with culture. In biology, races are genetically distinct populations within the same species; they typically have relatively minor morphological and genetic differences. Difference Between Ethnicity and Race. Race is your biologically engineered features. It can include skin color, skin tone, eye and hair color, as well as a tendency toward developing certain diseases. It is not something that can be changed or disguised. Race In reality, theyre not. Race is defined as a group of people distinguished by shared physical characteristicsaka as skin color, like being Black or white. Nationality is the status of belonging to a particular nation by origin, birth, or naturalizationlike being American, Honduran, or Liberian. what is the difference between race and ethnicity Ethnicity vs. Race. The traditional definition of race and ethnicity is related to biological and sociological factors respectively. Race refers to a person's physical characteristics, such as bone structure and skin, hair, or eye color. Ethnicity, however, refers to cultural factors, including nationality, regional culture, ancestry, and language. Difference between race and ethnicity: There exists some confusion in differentiating race and ethnicity and this leads some people to think that ethnicity is a politically correct term for race, but it must be noted that ethnicity has more to do with common shared culture while race purely has biological connotation and it is based only on biological attributes. Difference Between Race And Ethnicity. One example of the difference between these two terms is by examining people who share the same ethnicity. Two people can identify their ethnicity as American, yet their races may be black and white. Race refers to the physical characteristics of someone. In this sense, race is something that is outwardly manifested. For example, the color of someones skin would be described as his or her race, not ethnicity. Since race deal with physical characteristics, it is a much more limited idea than ethnicity.

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