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2020-02-17 09:43 Ten Amazing Reasons Why You Should Learn a Foreign Language 1. Meet new people and develop lifelong friendships. 2. Discover a new culture. 3. Become more openminded. 4. Study or live overseas. 5. Improve your employability. 6. Completely transform your travel experience. 7. Increase your

12 Reasons Everyone Should Learn Another Language 1. Open Up a World of Job Opportunities. 2. Give Your Brain a Boost. 3. Establish Deep Connections and CrossCultural Friendships. 4. Get an Outsiders Perspective about Your Own Culture. 5. Become More Interesting and Meet More Interesting reasons to learn a different language

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Learning a foreign language increases selfcontrol& focus. These improvements in executive function are likely the results of the bilingual brains constant need to choose the correct language to speak at any given moment and its learned ability to detect which language they are hearing. reasons to learn a different language

The mental benefits of learning a foreign language as a child show up in a number of different ways. Children who speak a foreign language perform better on standardized tests in math and English than their monolingual peers. They also start reading earlier, and are better at understanding grammar. This is because once you learn a language you also learn the social procedures of that culture. 5. As companies become more international, there is an important need for employees that are fluent in different languages. From a globalisation perspective, people with language skills are Whether you are a current student or studenttobe, here are ten reasons to learn a foreign language. 1. 2. Learning to speak, read and write in a foreign language increases your employment opportunities and enriches your working experience, whether you chose to work abroad or in your native country. reasons to learn a different language 50 Reasons You Should Learn a New Language. Pick up on the subtleties: By learning more than just business travelrelated words, you can pick up on memos, emails, jokes and everyday conversation that will help facilitate business relationships. You'll get paid more: With such a Learn a foreign language as a child and you have a lifetime to benefit from crosscultural friendships, broader career opportunities, exciting travel adventures and deeper insights into how others see the world. Learn Mandarin and you can speak with more than a billion people worldwide.

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