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2020-02-17 09:51 The FBI investigates crimes and other threats to domestic and economic security while supporting local, regional and state law enforcement agencies with cooperative services and strategic partnerships. In 2012 alone, the FBI supported 36, 074 jobs including 15, 649 women, 8, 762 minorities, and 1, 281 persons with disabilities.

FBI Jobs Jobs FBI Careers FBI Agents. financial crime of all types, drugtrafficking and fugitive capture, corruption in the public sector, bribery, bank robbery, extortion, interstate criminal activity including kidnapping, air piracy, and other federal laws and statute violations. different types of jobs in the fbi

FBI Job Description. FBI Special Agent jobs are probably among the most romanticized in America. Thanks to countless spy movies, we as a society tend to think of every FBI Agent as the equivalent of James Bond. Because of the many different types of professionals who work for the FBI, it makes more sense to list the types of professionals

The FBI has a wide variety of career paths for individuals from all backgrounds and experiences. Explore the options below to start a career like no other with the FBI. FBI employees have the ability to adapt and be flexible and work with different types of people and know that we are working for the same common goal keeping our nation different types of jobs in the fbi

FBI Jobs. The FBI has developed a different kind of most wanted list. As it kicks off one of the most aggressive hiring campaigns in recent years, the FBI is tailoring its recruiting initiative to identify men and women with very specialized skills to become special sgents. Types of Law Enforcement Jobs. Uniformed Officers, Investigators, and Support Positions. An example of this would be the U. S. Drug Enforcement Administration, the FBI, or the Georgia Bureau of Investigation. These personnel are usually Special Agents and in work plain cloths. These agencies hire people directly to become special agents and How can the answer be improved? different types of jobs in the fbi The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) hires professionals in several criminal justice specialties. FBI career opportunities include such roles as special agent, special agent linguist, Hostage Rescue Team (HRT) member and intelligence analyst. The most common position associated with the FBI is special agent, however, there are a variety of career opportunities provided by this law enforcement agency. Jobs include accounting, linguistics, intelligence and tactical operations. Much More Than a Job. The mission of the FBI is to protect the American people and uphold the Constitution of the United States. Special Agents enforce over 300 federal statutes and conduct criminal and national security investigations. The FBI's headquarters is located in Washington, D. C. The agency also has 56 field offices located throughout the United States. The FBI employs more than 30, 000 people and offers an array of jobs for professionals in many fields.

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