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2020-02-22 17:12 Classification of Substations. It consists different types of equipment like transformer, generator, power cable which helps in the power transmission. The generation, transmission and distribution are the main work of the substation. The substation which generates the power is known as the generating substation.

Mobile substation. A mobile substation is a substation on wheels, containing a transformer, breakers and buswork mounted on a selfcontained semitrailer, meant to be pulled by a truck. They are designed to be compact for travel on public roads, and are used for temporary backup in different types of substations

Types Of Substations 1. TOPIC: Types of substation SUBMITTED TO Mr. KAMAL ARORA SUBMITTED BY SAPNA SHARMA UID K. Types of substation Classification on types 3. A substation is a part of an electrical generation, transmission, and distribution system. 4.

Switching substations are meant for switching operation of power lines without transforming the voltages. At these Substations different connections are made between various transmission lines. Different Switching Schemes are employed depends on the application to transmit the power in more reliable manner in a network. different types of substations

Substation Types: Although, there are generally four types of substations there are substations that are a combination of two or more types. Stepup Transmission Substation. Stepdown Transmission Substation. Distribution Substation. Underground Distribution Substation. Substation Functions. Substation is integral part of a power system and form important links between the generating station, transmission systems, distribution systems Types of substation Classification. The substations can be classified in several ways including the following: 1 Classification based on voltage levels. There are four major types of substations. switchyard at a generating station. customer substation. system station. distribution station. different types of substations To interconnect two or more transmission lines at two or more different voltage levels: In a transmission system it is often planned or it is required to facilitate power flow between transmission lines at different voltage levels. These are transmission substations. There are different types of power generating substations like thermal, atomic, and hydroelectric. Based on the availability of different resources, substations are building at different locations, but these locations may not be closer to load centers. Based on the application of substations, they are classified into different types: Generation substation, Indoor substation, Outdoor substation, Pole mounted substation, Switching substation, Transmission substation, Converter substation and Distribution substation. Sep 06, 2016 The selection of particular substation scheme is based on safety, reliability, economy, simplicity and other consideration. The most commonly used substation bus schemes are: Single bus scheme. Double bus double breaker scheme. Double bus single breaker scheme. Main and transfer bus scheme. Ring bus scheme. Breaker and half scheme.

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