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2020-02-25 05:50 Sep 26, 2013 RAIDZ on different sized HDD's. Thread starter Benxas; Start date Sep 23, 2013; B. Benxas Newbie. Sep 23, 2013# 1. I'm pretty sure with Raid5 and Raid 6 you don't need all the HDD's to be the same size (various commercial nas' seem to manage this fine). So unless I have three or four drives of the same size, I'm best to go for two mirrors?

At this point, the move of the blue raid is complete. Depending on the sizes of the disks, the blue raid may be bigger, at which point the pool immediately increases in size. Anyway, I thought of this while considering using ZFSRaidZ in a FreeNAS setup. I havent tested any of this; its theoretical only. See ZFS on different raid different size drives zfs

ZFS RaidZ with different size disks. Ask Question 5. I've searched, and I think I understand, but just want to verify that I have the right concept. Combine all 1. 0TB partitions into a single raidz with 7. 0TB usable capacity; ZFS Mirror on same drive for redundancy? 2. ZFS

Jun 15, 2014 It can be done, however the raid size is restricted to the smallest drive in the array. It's generally frowned upon to use different drive types, let alone sizes for RAID, but it can be done if you don't mind sacrificing the extra space on your larger drive to do it. raid different size drives zfs

ZFS only rebuilds data. Legacy RAID just rebuilds every 'bit' on a drive. The latter takes longer than the former. So with legacy RAID, rebuild times depend on the size of a single drive, not on the number of drives in the array, no matter how much data you have stored on your array. About: This RAID calculator computes storage system characteristics based on the provided RAID level, number of disk drives, and drive capacity. Upgrading ZFS Pool size with different sized disks. Browse other questions tagged harddrive raid zfs or ask your own question. asked. 2 years, 2 months ago. RAIDZ1 worse than no fault tolerance for an array of 4TB drives? Related. 0. Can you easily grow a RAIDZ with more disks? 23. ZFS Beginner Setup with Different Size Drives. 0. raid different size drives zfs Using exotic setups to maximize capacity (when using different sized disks) in ZFS raidz. different size drives cause the larger drives to be under utilized. That is, only 4TB out of 6TB would be used on the larger drives. Is it possible to stripe (raid 0) the following: Huge storage penalty on FreeNAS with ZFS, RAIDZ, and different Feb 21, 2009 Using different sized disks in a ZFS raidz? 9 posts But you won't be using all the space on the larger drives if you mix drive sizes in a single RAIDZ. a RAID 'version' number (of which Sep 01, 2010 Mixing different drives in RAID Discussion in 'SSDs Please note that mixing 5400rpm and 7200rpm drives has far more effect than mixing drives with different cache sizes. The cache size is not that important. you simply use the OSsupplied Software RAID (which can be ZFS). Thus, no drive dropouts even without TLER. Note that you still Hi, i have 12 2tb sata drives as well as 2 perc h700s with 1gig of cache available for a zfs build. I plan to run raid 10 or the zfs equivalent. Since these controllers dont do jbod my plan was to break the drives into 2 pairs, 6 on each controller and create the raid 1 pairs on the hardware raid controllers.

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