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2020-02-18 01:59 Sometimes, cell differentiation is also known to take place in reverse. This happens in species like starfish and worms whose specialized, differentiated cells convert back to their original embryonic cell when their body parts get detached. Our body consists of millions and millions of cells of different types.

is a form of cell differentiation, the term in the more general sense refers to a change in function, usually accompanied by specialization and the loss of the capacity for further division. Biochemical differentiation often involves a change in the character of the cell organellesas when a generalized potential pigment. example of cell differentiation

Cell Differentiation Biology 1. STUDY. PLAY. cell differentiation unspecialized cells found in adult organisms; very rare. stem cells and differentiation. both embryonic and adult stem cells, under the right conditions, can differentiate into specialized cells. two stages of cell division examples of radiation. solar, nuclear, UV

Jun 20, 2018 Cellular differentiation, or simply cell differentiation, is the process through which a cell undergoes changes in gene expression to become a more specific type of cell. The process of cell differentiation allows multicellular organisms to create uniquely functional cell types and body plans. example of cell differentiation

Any cell which has changed (due to the activation of certain genes) is a differentiated cell. Examples include nerve cells, muscle fibres and schwann cells. 1 person found this useful. How can the answer be improved? The process of cell differentiation starts with the fertilization of the female egg. As soon as the egg is fertilized, cell multiplication is initiated resulting in the formation of a sphere of cells known as the blastocyst. It is this sphere of cells that attach to the uterine wall and continues to differentiate. example of cell differentiation Jun 22, 2015 Gene Expression Regulates Cell Differentiation. Everything in your body is made up of cells: your hair, fingernails, bones, muscles, organs and even blood. All of these cells contain the same genetic material, or DNA, and this genetic material is what makes you a unique individual it's different from everyone else's DNA. Cell differentiation is a stable phenomenon. Take the example of neurons, once differentiated persist throughout lifetime. Differentiation is induced by specific stimuli. But once differentiated or established, these cells are stimulus independent. Message: Hi Kate, There are lots of examples of cell differentiation. All you have to consider is that a huamn being (or for that matter almost any other complex multicellular organism) begins life as a fusion of an egg and a sperm. Environmental factors can also influence gene expression and cell differentiation. For example, available nutrients, salinity, and temperature are all factors that can influence gene expression in organisms. In Himalayan rabbits, genes that code for fur color

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