Different versions of the incredible hulk

2020-02-18 00:34 At the basic level, both the Red Hulk (former General Thaddeus Thunderbolt Ross) and the Green Hulk (Dr. Bruce Banner) are very similar. They both have vast superhuman strength and are arguably two of the strongest mortals on Earth. They have an incredible rate of regeneration, and superhuman resistance to injury.

Alternative versions of the Hulk Batman vs. the Incredible Hulk. In the DCMarvel Crossover Batman vs the Incredible Hulk, Incredible Hulk vs. Superman. In Incredible Hulk vs Superman, the Hulk and Superman face each other early DC vs. Marvel. In the DC vs. Marvel fan voted crossover series, different versions of the incredible hulk

SheHulk was the first spinoff version of the Hulk, a cousin of Bruce Banner named Jennifer Walters. Walters received her Hulklike powers after receiving a blood transfusion from Banner

The different colors of the Incredible Hulk symbolize different things, and it's important to keep them straight. different versions of the incredible hulk

Old Man Hulk Hulk: The End Alone in the last days of Earth, Hulk and Bruce Banner wander the ruins left by nuclear holocaust as two defined personalities sharing one body. Unlike other versions of the Hulk, Bruce Banner transforms into Gray Hulk each and every night and turns back every morning. Infernal Hulk At one point during The Incredible Hulk, Bruce Banner and the Hulk are magically separated from each other. How can the answer be improved? different versions of the incredible hulk Jun 13, 2018 A ton! ! Seriously, we know about the incredible hulk and the red hulk and the SheHulk. But that is barely scrathing the surface. Marvel Superheroes and Villains. Superheroes. Marvel Comics. How many different versions of the Hulk are there? Update Cancel. a d b y The Merged, or professor Hulk, was an intelligent version of the Hulk Beginning in comic books in the early 1960s, the character has since been depicted in various other media: in a liveaction television series, in three animated series, various video games, and through the use of CGI in six films: Hulk, The Incredible Hulk, The Avengers, The Avengers: Age of Ultron, Thor: Ragnarok, and The Avengers: Infinity War.

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