Are there different sizes of trojan condoms

2020-02-24 18:18 24 rows  But one area in which they could make improvement is the availability of different condom

When choosing Condom size, there can be many, many factors. Base width or the size of the condoms ring or band at the bottom, head width, shaft length, and shaft width all play a major role in finding the perfect size condom. are there different sizes of trojan condoms

How to Read the Condom Size Chart. This condom size chart is broken down by first introducing the condom brand and name, along with a brief description of that particular condom. The condom width and length sizes are then included in both inches and millimeters (and the condom head width is included where applicable).

They include size charts for condoms available in different countries, and patient answers to hundreds of readers around the world confused about what size condoms they should be using. are there different sizes of trojan condoms

Condoms come in all different sizes. Our store has all the information you need on any size condom. From Small to Average to Large& magnum. There are many factors to consider when selecting the right condom size. Base width, head width, shaft length, head width, and the shaft itself, all play a major role in finding your condom sizes by Trojan Condom sizes can vary across manufacturers, so whats regular to one brand may be large to another. This chart can help you find the right fit for your penis. are there different sizes of trojan condoms 58 rows  Condom size chart. Quick Tip: if your penis girth is below 4. 7 inches (119mm) check out the snugger fit section. Regular condoms will best suit you if your girth is between ( mm). Guys with girth bigger than 5. 1 (130mm) should use a larger condom. If youre not sure how to measure your penis read this post TROJAN Condoms Size Chart. When it comes to condom fitting, girth is crucial (see our guide for measuring penis). A regular size is made to fit 4. 8 to 5. 1 (122mm 130mm) girth. That fits 50mm55mm base width (measured by the condom laying flat. It is not the circumference). Get the pleasure you want and the protection you trust with Trojan Condoms. Find latex, lubricated, ribbed and more from the number one condom brand. There are extrastrength condoms, made of slightly thicker latex for those rough and tumble moments, the wizard explains (wink, wink). Word has it a German company is even developing a spray condom.

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